Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knights in White Satin

For the first day in FOREVER it has not rained. It was warm and sunny and much wonderful, not to mention the grass had dried out. I had not planned on cutting the grass when I got home today but when I pulled into the drive The Boy was back at the house. Not a bad thing but I had just went to the store and I did not want to share with him. If I keep feeding him he will never stay at his apartment. I had to think of something quick. The one thing he hates more than carrots is mowing the grass. I AM BRILLIANT!!! I ran in and threw some shorts on and some shoes, cause mowing in bare feet is just stupid, and out I went to the lawn mower. The Boy was nice and did follow me. He also sat and watched as I started it up. It was ok...all part of my evil plan. I planned on making a few passes then fake an ankle twist so he would have to finish the lawn. Much guilt was about to be laid down. Not to mention I would get the lawn done and I could sneak my food in while he was distracted. Just as I was about to twist there was a roar from behind me. I looked up and there was a knight on a white steed come to save me. Que the music

I am so not making this up.

One of the town cops was sitting in my yard, on his ridding lawn mower asking if he could cut my grass. Can I just say this was the sexiest thing I have seen in a LONG time. He was beautiful. Actually he could have been Leatherface and I would have still almost fainted from delight. Too bad my knight is married, has an adorable little boy and is around 15 years younger than I am. Mr. Sweetie Cop...good lord I bet he would die if he saw that *L*...was nice enough to cut my whole yard for me. He did in 15 minutes what would have taken me an hour or more. I swear I just want to walk across the street and hug his dad and tell him that he did such a good job raising a nice boy and I can only hope that my guys turn out half as good as his did.

I was so excited that I had to call Pissy and tell him this story. Pissy was PISSY about it. He said he use to always cut the grass and not once did I ever call him sexy. Well DUH it's because he had to cut it he didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart. Silly man.

So here I sit, the chirp of crickets, the hum of the air conditioner, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Could life get any better?

I think not!!!

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