Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hodge Podge of Me

I love cantaloupe. Maybe love is to mild of an emotion. I LOVE cantaloupe. I think of cantaloupe all day, I dream of cantaloupe all night, I want to eat cantaloupe nekkid, off the sweaty stomach of an equally nekkid man…cause it would not be the same if he had a shirt on and he was sweaty….but hell I would eat it then too. I don’t need flowers, just bring me cantaloupe and I'm yours. Easy? Well, duh, yes! Now the weird thing is this obsession with cantaloupe just started last year. Up until then I hated it. I hated the smell, the look, the icky seeds inside that looked like snot and made me gag when I saw them. I guess I had one of those taste bud changing moments. So now my question is, if I changed to like cantaloupe, did I lose my like of something else? Hmm…maybe I should start eating more to see if there is something I now do not like. Justification people…it’s all about the justification!

I am so hooked on Dancing With The Stars. I keep watching it over and over. I want the dresses but deep down in side, what I really want are the SHOES. What the hell is this? I am not a shoe person. I have three pairs of shoes and could care less which ones I wear. I sit and watch the women dancing and I want those shoes. I want the heels, I want my feet to look that good in them, I want my feet to move like that when I wear them. Ok not so much but I do really just want the shoes.

Wisteria. I think that is my favorite thing of spring. I have this little wisteria bush on my side yard that has just burst into blooms. I just can not keep my face away from these booms. *snork* Ok I was going to say I couldn’t keep my face out of this bush but I turned into a 13 year old boy and got the giggles over it. I think I need wisteria soap and lotion. I think I need this now. I feel a soaping session coming on this weekend.

Nothing makes me smile more than the cats on nip. I discovered that some of the plants from last year were making an appearance this year so I picked a bit and let the cats go wild. They were too funny. They were rolling and loving it all over the living room and they looked so sad when it was gone. Hurry up and grow little cat nip so that I can drive my kitties wild. Ok I lied, something does make me smile more. I love when the cats are all nipped up and they crawl in bed with me. They are all over me and the attention does my heart good. Sure I have to bribe my cats to love me but hell, they are cats!

I’m really annoyed with something and someone in my life. I’m leaving it at that because some things do not need to be out on the internet. I’m just saying, person, you know I'm annoyed and it’s up to you to make the first move because I wont. Yes, I’m that mad…and petty!

I need a new camera. I really really really need one. This scares me to even think about. Have you looked at cameras? Holy smokes and Jesus there are a ton of them. Do I want a point and shoot or should I take the next step and get a CAMERA? Oh yes, I dream of interchangeable lens, and filters, OH how I need filters, and classes, lots and lots of classes where I can talk to other people about my camera and why I decided to get that one. My problem is I will read and re-read and looks some more and read and go back and forth until I don’t want a camera anymore because I'm scared.

I have issues.

I'm having a lonely moment in life right now. I get tired of coming home to an empty house. I hate not having someone to talk to about my day. On the bright side, the dog is starting to have more to do with me. Maybe she just feels sorry for me because when I get home I talk to HER.

I have discovered the dog loves me a lot when I bring out the flying chunkit. This is a nylon frisbee thing that we have had for a whole week and she has not managed to tear up yet. She did put a hole in it but the thing still hovers. I can’t help but laugh when it hovers because she does jump for it and catches it in mid air. Seeee this is why I need a camera. It would be a great picture!

Would it be wrong to run up to the store and buy more cantaloupe?

DWTS is almost most over and it’s time for me to get some sleep. I need to be on my toes tomorrow just to keep everyone happy. That’s my job…I am the happy maker *snort*
Honestly, that is me. I always try and keep the peace, to not rock the boat, and to always be the peacemaker. Just one of my quirks.

Anyway, time for bed. Sleep well. I know I will...cause I will be dreaming of cantaloupe!

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