Monday, May 19, 2008

Name Change

I swear I am going to change my blog name to Life From The Patio. I LOVE my patio. LOVE IT. Tonight I wandered out there with my dinner and my laptop. It is just so relaxing even if I do have to deal with the neighbors really low voices where I can not hear what they are saying! Speak up dammit....and listen to some baseball game.

Can I just say right here that I am not a big baseball fan. I like going to the games, don't get me wrong but I just go for the food. My mom trained me right. There is wonderful food at the park...if you can afford it.

Ok enough about baseball.

So a really cool thing happened today. My mom called to tell me that my dead grandmother was in her kitchen....Im so not making this up.....and that she was a big freaked out about it and wanted to know what to do. I told her to find the spot where the smell was the strongest and walk into it with her eyes closed and say, "I love you mama and tell daddy I said hi and please don't let bad things happen to Ang and the boys.....a girl has to cover her butt....." and that grandma would leave her alone for awhile. That was not the cool thing. That was more of the umm, honestly my mom is FINE thing. The cool thing is she said that while she was running from grandma....she went room to room to get away from her....she got a call from a lady in Ballground Georgia who was looking for some postcards that my dad had made.

My dad loved to take pictures. He loved to go on the back roads and take shots of.....stuff. He would ride and ride and ride just trying to get something unusual. Well on his wanders he found a little BBQ place. Just for the heck of it he took a picture of the place then had it made into postcards. I'm sure I knew about all this but I guess I forgot. Now Dad loved his pictures. All the kids had them. I still have two in my living room. Dad always wanted that perfect shot. He dreamed of being a big time photographer. So my mom was beside herself when the lady asked if there were any more post cards. Mom explained that Dad had died about a year ago and that she had not found anymore in his stuff. She asked the lady how she had heard of my dad and the lady said that she had found the post card on Ebay. This thrilled my mom to no end. Ok it thrilled me too. It seems that someone in Texas has it for sale for $7. Makes me wonder how it got all the way out there but not so much to buy the card.

So let me present the's not pretty but.....

I might just have to have someone bid on it so my mom wont be disappointed if it doesn't sell. Yes, the things I do for love.

Well the bugs are out and the cat wants in so I think it's time for bed...hmmm wonder if I could get the bed out here...I have really gone patio crazy.

Off to dream of my bedroom patio...night all

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