Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello Little Angel

Thursday started out like every other day. I got up, got dressed and hurried out the door. It wasn't raining and I was happy over that because traffic should be normal. I was zipping down the interstate, Michael Jackson had just come on the radio and I was looking forward to singing that I was a vegetable ~what can I say, it makes me laugh~. I was in the left hand lane and just passing an off ramp when I noticed a car behind me getting a bit close. I looked in my side mirror then checked over my shoulder then started to move over. When I looked over as I was moving there was a white truck there. I have no clue where he came from I just know he was not there when I first started moving over.

I panicked. I jerked the wheel to the left to get back in my lane but it was too much. My car started skidding. It was weaving out of control and there were still people zooming past me. I was fighting it left and right to try and get it straight and to not hit anyone. At one point it when on the shoulder and felt like it was going to flip only to right it's self and start to spin. At some point I grazed something and started spinning more. When I stopped I was facing the wrong way, in the left hand lane, bumper to bumper with a lady who had the same scared shitless expression on her face. I couldn't move. All I could do was look up and see all the cars moving around me, all the trucks that swerved to miss me.

I managed to get my car started again and over to the side of the road. Along with me there were two other cars that were messed up. One was the lady behind me and the other was the truck that hit her. No where in site was the white truck that had started all this mess. I jumped out of my car and did a quick look just to make sure that everything was ok. Believe it or not there was no body damage to my car. There was a black rubber spot on the back bumper but that was it. My right front tire was ate up and the steel was showing out of it but other than that nothing. The other lady was not so lucky. Her trunk was smashed and the guy in the truck had damage to the front of his truck.

It did take the state trooper forever to get there but one he did he determined that there were two wrecks and that mine was considered a hit and run. I wasn't at fault for the other wreck and they didn't take my info but he did give me a ticket for improper lane usage. At first I was a bit pissed over it because that truck was NOT there but now, honestly, I'm just happy to be alive and have my car in one piece. I'm looking at my $75 as a donation to the PD and letting it go at that. Physically, I'm ok. My back is super stiff and I couldn't brush my hair this morning. I have a pulled muscle in my left shoulder and a bruise across my foot but other than that nothing on the outside. Now the inside is another story. I just keep seeing those cars. I just keep hearing the sound of the cars hitting. I just keep thinking "what if" and it scares me.

What if...

That pretty much says it all right there doesn't it?

So, thank you, little angel, for watching over me. I needed a shake to get me out of the December funk that I was sinking into but next time could you do it with less of a spin?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Full Contact Knitting

When I'm upset, worried or sick I knit. It makes me feel better. It takes my mind off everything and I just sit and count stitches. I don't think I have kept but one of the scarves that I have ever knitted and that was only because it was my first one and it was more of a learning thing. Every other scarf, and I only knit scarves right now, have been so tied up with hate or tears or worry that I cant stand to have them around me.

The only real pleasure I get from my scarves is the amount of help that I get knitting them. When I pull out the needles I am fair game for the tribe. Usually when I knit I have my ipod on and I have a bad habit of tapping my toe to the music. It's my way of granny rocking while I knit.

This seems to annoy Tank, because he likes to wrap his claw into my toe to make me stop tapping. I have to give him credit it works like a charm. Notice he gets me in the up tap motion so that I can relax my foot. Oh I can but his claw comes out and it's just easier to stay still.

My next helper is Biggie Big. I'm not sure how he does it but he can get himself in a tangle quicker than anything. God love him he's just such a squishy bear that I can stay mad at him for long.

OK, I can't help myself I do usually poke him in the belly with the needles just to watch him roll around. He is my big ole weebles kitty.

The other helper I have is a sneaky devil. He acts like he is not watching then he will pounce when I put my work down. He loves the needles and if I'm not fast enough he will carry them off. I give you Pepito the Pain the the Butt Kitty. Good thing he is cute or he would be Pepito the Live Outside Kitty.

I love this picture of Pete. He just has that "F You I have YOUR thread" look on his face.

Now if you think knitting is fun with this crew you should try sleeping, or eating, or reading....tell me again why I have cats???

Oh yeah, I remember now :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Bit About Me

Sometimes I tend to over exaggerate. Sometimes I tend to play the poor me card. Sometimes I'm a bit of a drama hag. Sometimes I tend to really feel sorry for myself.

This is NOT one of those times. I have been telling people, for a week now, that I have hives. I have been telling them that it itches all the way down to the bone and back again and they tend to look at me like I was a titch bit crazy ~which I am, from the F'in ITCHING~

So y'all have forced to do this. As much as I hate to show this, here it goes. These are my hives after 3 days worth of rest and medicine.

You may all start to feel sorry for me and and please send flower and oreo's!!

PS: To the one who laughed...I hope your nipple falls OFF!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

F Word

Oh yes, THE F WORD times 3 million and 6. I have hives and I am fixing to lose my mind. This shit started Monday night. I got in from the bookstore at 11:30 and fell into bed. By 3 I was up and scratching like crazy. I had nightmares that I had fleas all over and and was freaking out because of the itch. I pulled everything in my room apart, sprayed for fleas and went back to bed all skived out. When I woke up at 6 am I had red welts all over my thighs.


I was really freaking out. I went into work and just sat there digging at my skin. It was not getting better. As matter of fact it got worse and it was spreading. Now I knew we did not have fleas at work so that did make me feel better and these were more lumps not bites which scared me and made me even more itchy. I drove my poor Co-worker crazy today with my whine over it but, honestly, it's horrible.

So I get home, I take a shower with some goats milk soap (because it was the mildest thing I had and it was a good excuse to rub myself) and I went to bed. Guess what? It's 1 AM and I am wide awake scratching the blood out of my arms and legs. Yup, if I could just hit bone I would feel so much better. My ass is on fire from this stuff too. It was so bad that I went in and doused down with alcohol just to get some relief.

Not such a good idea. Do you know what happens when you put alcohol on skin that you have scraped raw? Really, I'm fine. I just clung to the bathroom ceiling for about 10 minutes crying and cussing, that's all. So now what to do? Do I put pants and a bra on and go to the emergency room and get a shot in my ass? Do I put pants on and go to wal mart and self doctor myself? Do I go get a glass or 8 of wine and go to bed and pray that I can get the blood out of my sheets? Do I just sit here and cry while scratching my ass with the dog brush? (WHAT? She will never know)

All I know is that I want my mama!! I want her to wash all my stuff with dreft and give me tomato soup and to cluck and fuss over me while she rubs lotion on me. I want Popsicles dammit because that was her sure fire cure for all that ailed me! I think really I just want the clucking and fussing....and a dog brush with stiffer bristles.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Some how I have got myself mixed up with a gang. I kid you not. These folks are crazy and they wear the colors. Some wear red but most wear pink. Oh yes, we are a gang of Red Hatters or Pink Hatters, if you please. We are pretty much harmless and our main goal is to go out to eat some place fabulous and different each time we get together.

Friday night our pick was The Boat House in Forest Park. I can not even begin to say how much fun we had. We started the night out with appetizers and drinks and ended it with a desert that would have made you dance nekkid with happiness. ~umm that could have been the drinks but the desert was pretty damn tasty and NO I didn't get nekkid~ Did I mention the main course? To die for!!! I had the fish and chips and it was perfect. Now not only did we get dinner we also were treated to some live entertainment. There was a band which was pretty good I guess but to be honest I didn't really listen to them and they were more of background music but there were also DUCKS. Yup, ducks just walked on up to the table and begged for food. It was amusing even when they pooped.

So enough talk lets get to the pictures because they are my favorite part.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello World

We interrupt this blog for reading. I swear I have been meaning to come over here and update but I am so into a book right now all I can think of is getting home and falling into its pages. What is so weird is that it's just a silly romance book that I picked up one night just because I liked the front cover.

Oh yes, baby, I do so judge a book by it's cover...sometimes.

I'm reading The Last Mermaid by Shana Abe. (If anyone wants to read this just leave me a comment and I will be happy to send it to you when I long as you are in the US) It's actually 3 books in one, same style, same author just a different story about the clan as they move forward in time. I'm not sure why I am so mesmerized over this book but it has me and wont let me go till I finish it.

So give me a couple days and then we will take a trip back in time and take a trip to the MO Botanical Gardens as well as I have an awesome picture to share from my ride home the other night.

How is that for a tease??

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Swear

I swear I was going to bed early tonight. Wow, I was totally surprised to look down and see that it is now 12:48 AM. Holy shit, this might explain why my eyes are all itchy scratchy. I'm bright *snort*

How about some random stuff.

Thing 1 started school tonight. He is so happy. His first class was an intro to film class and all they do is watch movies. This is so right up his alley.

I'm on an upswing at work. Every thing is rosy and I don't have the urge to kill anyone.

My mom cracks me up. I called her on the way home and just BS'd with her. It's weird but for some reason I use to only call her once a week, even though we had cell phones. Now, for no reason I will just pick up and talk to her. Amazing how really funny she is. I don't remember her being that way when I lived with her *L*

I am back to reading trashy romance. I have a new book, The Brass Bed, and lord have mercy it is trashy. They even say the F word. Gracious. And this shocks a person that reads about man nipples? (anita blake)

I'm still sad that I'm home from ISOCAN. I really do miss having someone make my bed for me every day. Coco You Bitch needs to learn to do this and earn her keep around here.

I can not wait until Sunday. We, which would be Me, Thing 1 and his girlfriend, are going to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens for the Japanese Festival. SUMO...that's all I have to say for right now.

Thing one is very handy to have around. He was playing with my camera and found a couple neat features that I didn't know about. I need to start with the picture posts. Everyone wants to see a cazillion pictures of cats looking stoned and laying on the bed right??

Ok I need sleep or I'm going to be cranky tomorrow and I'm really trying hard not to be cranky at work. My theory is they wont hit the cheerful girl. My theories have been proven wrong before but it's worth a try.

Night all

Night Stoned Cats

Stoned...they always looked pissed off and stoned