Monday, May 26, 2008

Alll Byyyy Myself

My nest is empty. My baby birds are gone. My locks are so fixing to be changed!! I love my boys. Honestly, they are beautiful children but I have found that I love them even more now that they are out of my house. At first I was horrified that my oldest was moving out. True, he doesn't have a job and is going to be living with a stripper and her boyfriend...I swear I am not making this up...but you know, the boy has to spread his wings. Now he has only been gone for the weekend....please god make it last more than a month...but I love this feeling of FREEDOM. Is it wrong that my idea of freedom is being able to walk nekkid from the bedroom to the kitchen for a drink? It was also nice to buy a bag of M&Ms on Friday and there are still some left today. So I'm easy.

Yes, I miss the boy. I miss having someone other than the dog to talk to but I do love the fact that he has ventured out into the world...ok so he is only 4 blocks find his way. I think that this might be a good thing for both of us. He is going to have to grow up and I'm going to have to entertain myself. What does one do when they are all alone? I guess that is what I'm going to find out.

Am I ok. Yeah, I'm ok. I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm scared....I'm ready. I'm not sure what I'm ready for but I'm ready. I guess I'm fixing to find out if there really is life after a the kids grow up.

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