Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello Little Angel

Thursday started out like every other day. I got up, got dressed and hurried out the door. It wasn't raining and I was happy over that because traffic should be normal. I was zipping down the interstate, Michael Jackson had just come on the radio and I was looking forward to singing that I was a vegetable ~what can I say, it makes me laugh~. I was in the left hand lane and just passing an off ramp when I noticed a car behind me getting a bit close. I looked in my side mirror then checked over my shoulder then started to move over. When I looked over as I was moving there was a white truck there. I have no clue where he came from I just know he was not there when I first started moving over.

I panicked. I jerked the wheel to the left to get back in my lane but it was too much. My car started skidding. It was weaving out of control and there were still people zooming past me. I was fighting it left and right to try and get it straight and to not hit anyone. At one point it when on the shoulder and felt like it was going to flip only to right it's self and start to spin. At some point I grazed something and started spinning more. When I stopped I was facing the wrong way, in the left hand lane, bumper to bumper with a lady who had the same scared shitless expression on her face. I couldn't move. All I could do was look up and see all the cars moving around me, all the trucks that swerved to miss me.

I managed to get my car started again and over to the side of the road. Along with me there were two other cars that were messed up. One was the lady behind me and the other was the truck that hit her. No where in site was the white truck that had started all this mess. I jumped out of my car and did a quick look just to make sure that everything was ok. Believe it or not there was no body damage to my car. There was a black rubber spot on the back bumper but that was it. My right front tire was ate up and the steel was showing out of it but other than that nothing. The other lady was not so lucky. Her trunk was smashed and the guy in the truck had damage to the front of his truck.

It did take the state trooper forever to get there but one he did he determined that there were two wrecks and that mine was considered a hit and run. I wasn't at fault for the other wreck and they didn't take my info but he did give me a ticket for improper lane usage. At first I was a bit pissed over it because that truck was NOT there but now, honestly, I'm just happy to be alive and have my car in one piece. I'm looking at my $75 as a donation to the PD and letting it go at that. Physically, I'm ok. My back is super stiff and I couldn't brush my hair this morning. I have a pulled muscle in my left shoulder and a bruise across my foot but other than that nothing on the outside. Now the inside is another story. I just keep seeing those cars. I just keep hearing the sound of the cars hitting. I just keep thinking "what if" and it scares me.

What if...

That pretty much says it all right there doesn't it?

So, thank you, little angel, for watching over me. I needed a shake to get me out of the December funk that I was sinking into but next time could you do it with less of a spin?