Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Morning....

I am such a happy camper. This morning started off rough. I received a nice little phone call that, for one, woke me up then proceeded to piss me off. I was about 4 notches past mad, it was that bad. In fact I was so mad that I could not go back to sleep. Yup, it was that bad. I drug myself out of bed and made a pot of coffee then let the dog out. She took off around the house so I had to go after her. Not sounding so good now is it? I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this.

I had forgot that it was out there what with all the rain we had been getting. A few weeks ago the boys were messing around outside when I came home. I told them that there was a CD shelf out by the street and that I wanted it for my soap stuff. Now, honestly, I was just kidding. I just have a thing about going through other folks trash for some reason. It seems that my boy child does not have this problem. Oh yes, he got the CD rack for me but on his way home he spotted a patio set...on the side of the road. One chair looked like a car had hit it but the other three were in perfect condition. Cushions were included as well as a cute glass top table. With a little help from his friends this lovely addition came to live at my house.

This morning has been the first time that it has not been raining or that I haven't had to head to work so I got to enjoy the find. What a wonderful creation this table for the outside is. Who would have thunk that sitting out in the early morning with a cup of coffee and your laptop could promote such inner peace. I'm guessing it's the fact that I'm outside in my jammies that is the key but that is just my theory. I drank my coffee, I e-mailed my mother, I took pictures of my patio set, I played with the cat, I read my stupid teen-age vampire romance book but most of all I just enjoyed sitting there.

Now the bad thing about this is that the patio is in need of fixing up. I need to sweep it off and plant lots of plants more so than just the pot on the table which has seeds that need to hurry up and sprout so it doesn't look like I have a pot of dirt on my table not to mention force the boy to cut the grass out there. I think that with all those things done this could become my new happy place. I think that even without those things done it could still become my new happy place.

So with my new inner peace I am heading to the bookstore...lets hope that a full morning of sun and fun can withstand any bookish drama.

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