Wednesday, July 16, 2008

364 More Days

until Paris.

I WILL be in Paris for my 45th Birthday. I know I'm really sucky with goals but this one I have to keep. I deserve it!! I love Paris better than anything. Just walking around the city makes me smile. I don't have to be going anywhere as long as I'm there it's all ok. I think it's a fine goal to make for a birthday.

Yes, I'm in the birthday mode because mine just passed. Mama always said I had to arrive on a payday because that was the only way they could afford me. July 15, 1964, 44 years ago yesterday. Wow that is a life time. As far as birthdays go yesterday was the pits. It's not the worst I have had but it comes close. I did get well wishes from the co-workers, an ice cream cake, my mom, the boys and the ex called, the cousin ~waves at Mitchie just in case she decides to read this~ and a couple of friends emailed or im'd. That's a lot right? The Phantom didn't remember. Why should he right? Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself and I need to stop it right now. I guess it just showed me how unimportant I am to him. For 7 years I have remembered his birthday. Through bad times and suck times I always remember and if I didn't send him anything I sure as hell told him Happy Birthday Baby. Did I get that? No. Did I get upset? Yes. Has he called back? NO. Will I answer the phone if he does? Well actually No I guess I wont. Not because I don't want to but because my cell phone broke.

Like how I did that one? Last night my cell phone bit the big one. I'm just happy death came to visit it and not me. I had the odd feeling that death might have slipped or missed and accidentaly touched the cell phone. Eeek! So anyway, the cell died. It will light up on the bottom but the screen doesn't work. After much punching of the buttons and cussing sometimes I can get it to come on but only for about 20 minutes then it powers down. It makes me cuss greatly. It makes me cuss so much that on my way home I stopped at the sprint store and had them order me a new phone. I cried and whined a bit and tried to talk them into upgrading but had no luck with that but I did get rid of the icky red phone and I now have a silver one coming. I know lack of color is boring but I hated the red thing for some reason. It just The bad news is my phone will not be here until Tuesday so I'm phoneless for the weekend.

HEY I just realized that with the cell gone now I cant even take pictures even shitty cell phone pictures. This makes me sad because I'm having a small house party and Saturday and would like to get a few shots. Also the room is almost done and I would like to show that off. I have all the walls painted now and it does look pretty. It's a bit more blue than I would like but it's still cute. It does make the room look so much bigger now. I can not wait to get the bed up and get it all put together. I want to go in tomorrow and touch up and I need to do around the ceiling also then that will be done. This weekend I plan on getting that bed done and painted and up while I have help in town. Pissy is coming to town to see the boys and he said he would help me get the furniture up from the basement and get the chest painted for the room. He is also going to bring my grandmothers table up from the basement and take the tile table downstairs for me. It is going to look so good once I get it all together.

Ok, it's late and I'm tired and I really was pushing it saying as much as I did. Actually I just wanted to whine and it did make me feel better so all it ok again. Night all, sweet dreams and send good vibes my way that I don't kill my ex while he is in town.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm still in love with the door. Yes, it remains closed until tomorrow. I'm going to be a bad person and float a check so I can get some Kiltz. Something has to kill that blue color. It's my only hope.

I have 4 days to get that room painted and get my house cleaned before my company arrives. Shit, I might be in trouble. Wonder if I could just convince them that a robbery happened and I have to leave it untouched until he police are through. I'm pretty sure that I can get some of that yellow do not cross tape and really make it look good. How about a chalk body outline in the living room. I think my company might just not stay as long as planned.

My back key is sticking. It's making me crazy. I am the worst typist in the world and need that back key. I have to pretty much contort and use another finger to make it work. Hmm, maybe it's my pinkie that's bad.

They got my Breaking Dawn press kit at the bookstore and the buttons are AWESOME!!! I can not wait until August 1st so that I can give them out. Kind of pisses me off that one of the managers already got one but then again he is more of a teenage girl over these books than I am. It was suggested that I MIGHT get a T-shirt out of the deal. BONUS!!!

It was a fun weekend at the Bookstore. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and the customers were pretty normal. I did have one lady get in a snit over the rewards card. I had scanned it because she had $95 worth of points on there. SHIT, makes my heart hurt to see a person throw that away. She said, "I TOLD YOU That I didn't want it" I said, "Ok well you can just throw it away if you like or I can throw it away for you ." I snatched it up and put it to the side. About 5 customers later I did a bad bad thing. I had a very very nice man come in and he was all about the rewards program. I kind of sorta picked up that card instead of a new card and scanned his purchase on it and then put his info. Ooopps! So sorry Bookstore it was an honest mistake. PS: Fuck you snotty lady!

I have a small war going on at my house. FLEAS. ~holy crap, I am all with the swollen fonts tonight. Way too much sugar today ~ I have sprayed and scrubbed and thrown everyone in the bathtub, the poor dog twice in the last 2 days. The fleas are still there but I think the animals may be plotting my death. The dog is pissed over the situation. I have the only lab that hates the water and is scared of pops and bangs. *sigh*

I have less then 5 weeks to get my stuff together for Chicago. Can I tell you how excited I am to be going. I can not wait to meet these ladies and to just hang out and have fun. Is it odd that I feel like I'm going to meet a group of old friends not meeting new ones? I really, really do need a new camera before then. Life with just a camera phone SUCKS.

I have a cat sleeping on my butt. Just thought I would let y'all know.

I got my hair cut off on Friday. Today I love it but Friday I cried all the way home. It was scary sad looking. I kind of looked like the singer from A Flock Of Seagulls. I had that same dried out hair look that he had also. Now it just kind of cute floppy.

It's now an hour past my bedtime and I'm going to be craky tomorrow. Yeah, that should make for a fun day in Hell. I'm off to bed...if only the cat will get off my butt.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Painting: Day 3

or...Door, oh door, how I love thee.

I have discovered the best tool ever in procrastination. The door. I love the door. I shut the door. I look at the door and think, "Nothing in there I want to see" . Thank you door and who ever invented the door...god bless you.

Yes, there has been a bit of a glitch in painting at Casa de Flynn. The glitch being that the painter up and quit, that bitch. I don't know what her problem is ~ok, I got a new book from the bookstore and it distracted me all night~ but come Tuesday I am dragging her ass back into that back bedroom and starting again. A friend of mine did suggest that I go get some Kiltz. I interpreted this as go get a man in a kilt and that sounded like a better plan. I could just sit on the bed eating bon bons and blog about my room getting painted while a blading, slightly overweight painter does his best to work magic on the walls ~ok, not a lot of Scotts around here so I'm pretty sure I will have to pay the for hire painters extra to work in a kilt~ All in all this sounds like a good idea except for the fact that A) I don't have the money to pay someone to paint for me and B) I'm broken and don't have the money to pay someone to paint for me. Sucks to be po ~po: so poor that you can't even afford the o r~

What is really funny is I did break down and send my mom a picture of the walls. Ya know what? She stopped calling me! You know its bad when your mom had to take a break from you. Swear to God. I though about calling her and asking what I should do but I'm pretty sure the answer is going to be Kiltz. Why, oh why, is my answer always more money?

So, guess what? That's, right I'm so closing the door. Even better I still have my book, my dog ~who I bribed with burnt cheese toast~ and a tall glass of tea. I don't need no stinking paint! All I need is a trashy romance novel, some sweet tea.....and a man in a kilt with some Kiltz! ~HA, jeesh I so crack myself up~
PS: Send camera because the camera phone just is not cutting it anymore.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Painting: Day 2

Or "I love this shade of blue, why would I ever cover it"

So this painting thing is not going as well as I expected. Let's just say that like the sky, this blue is deep and forever fucking here. *cough* So far I have one wall halfway painted. Ok to be honest I will say I have not been very diligent over it and I was trying a texture thing so I was playing with it for awhile but still what I have painted looks AWFUL.

No, I am not exaggerating. I'm guessing painting is not one of those things I do well. Need proof? Don't laugh...or tell my mama ok?

Yes, there it is, the mess at Casa de Flynn. Oh lordy, what have I got myself into? I know, I know just calm down and paint over it but HELL, just look at it. I alternate between laughing and sobbing my tiny little heart out over this. Ya see that splotch on the right...that's where I wrote FUCK in a tiny baby fit type moment. When I grew up, about 10 minutes ~ok 6 hours later~ I did cover it up just in case someone saw it.

So in an attempt to make it look better I tried this

You have to admit the strategically place Pepito does make it look better. Focus on the cat people, not the walls. *Sigh* it's bad when even a kitty can not make the mess look better. So I guess my plan of action is to get serious on this, get up off my ass and blogger and get to work. I have a long time to go but the good news is I have a huge ass bucket of paint and can put many MANY coats on until I get it like I want.

Umm has anyone ever heard of a wall collapsing because of too much paint? Maybe I will just go take a bath and ponder this a bit longer.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Once upon a time...

...there was a boy that had to have a Cardinals/Cubs bedroom. Nothing would do but the walls had to be blue and the room accented in red. Shelves went up that held bobble heads, nails were put in to the wall to hold starting line up action figures of Sosa and McGwire. Posters of home run kings were pinned to the wall as well as pennants, hats and anything else baseballie that the child could find. The boy was happy. Then the unthinkable happened. Father time waved his hand over the boy and before you could blink the boy became a man ~but not in his mama's eyes cause he will always be her boo boo bunny ~ and the man, even though he loved his room, chose to leave it for another room ~which was all girly and had flowers and pretty colors in it!

The room stood empty for over a year just in case the boy/man chose to move back into it. Time raced forward and even though the boy/man moved out of the flowered bedroom he chose not to move back into the room but to rent a new room of his very own in his very own apartment ~which kind of makes his mama get all misty eyed when she thinks of it. The room was very sad for all of about 10 minutes because it was time now for a make-over. With every great make-over there are always before pictures.

Here we have view one which is really more to show the color that I'm dealing with here.

The carpet will be coming out as soon as the paint dries!

View two and a picture of the sad guest bed that people actually have to sleep on when they visit my house.

So now, how about a room with a view and a cat or two. Oh yes, here at Casa de Flynn have plenty of help.

First we have the BOSS who has his nose into everything and rules with an iron paw and is so damn cute that I just want to smush his face and kiss him a lot. Boss Tankers makes sure that I keep to task and keeps a keen eye on everything. My second helper is Boss Pepito. He is more laid back but does get kind of pissed off when I have to move him to try and get to the spot above him.

And then there is always one in the crowd, I give you the slacker. Coco is the evil enabler who thinks that it would just be a hell of a lot more fun to go out and play ball then to deal with all this paint mess

How sad is that? Every time I would move she would re-position herself so that this is what I would see. Does this not just scream, "Play Ball With Me Or I Will Die"? So I did, and the walls are still blue.

More to come I put the ball down and get back to the back bedroom.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hellooo Canada

And have a nice holiday up there!!

HOLY CRAP, can you believe that it's July 1st already? Can you believe that I have been such a slack ass and have not updated in so long. Honestly, I do have a good excuse. Her name is Jen Lancaster and she wrote this book called Such a Pretty Fat. Oh my good lord, this is the funniest book EVER!! I read it and then had to re-read it just to make sure that I was really reading what I was reading. Yup, it was that good. I suggest everyone run out right now to BORDERS ~please, oh please, so I can hang on to my part-time job!~ and get this book!

Now the real reason for the distraction is that I'm, under water ~ HA! StL joke ~ busy at work so I don't have time to update just yet. The way I see it is that everyone ~ the whole 2 people that read this blog...hey Cuz give Abbers a kiss when you see her ~ will be laughing so hard that you/they will not even notice that I have not updated in FOREVER.

Back to work before I get fired....SOMEONE FIND ME A GOOD JOB THAT LET'S ME BLOG ALL DAY!!


PS. Ms. Lancaster has two other books out too and I suggest that you follow my suit and run out and get those too! My next purchase is going to be Bitter is the New Black! Funny stuff!!! I can't wait!!