Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Promises, Promises

I really need to get better with this blog thing. I swear I have good intentions but some how I just never get around to writing it all down.

Ok I do have a funny ex story. I called Pissy the other day to grump about something and to see how his flight was from CO to TX. He was all in a ruffle I swear. He made me promise not to laugh at him if he told me something. I did my best to promise but he knows how I am so it didn’t really count. He said that he got on the flight fine and that he found his seat. He got settled in and pulled out his book when this really nice looking lady sat down beside him. Well instead of reading he struck up a conversation. She was really chatty with him and she kept touching his arm. He was THRILLED. This woman was flirting with him and his ego was huge. So they were chatting away and something came up about being single and the worst thing was eating right. The lady looked at him and said, “You would be really nice looking if you weren’t so HEAVY” Oh my god I would have bitch slapped someone if they said that to me. To make matters worse, Pissy is NOT heavy. He is what I consider normal.

Ok I did laugh but I was a bit horrified for him too. He asked me what I would have done and I had to answer honestly with I don’t know but the air guard on the plane would have been involved and there would have been blood. BITCH!! I know people just sometimes say things but damn that was cold.

Speaking of people just saying things….like how I swung into that one…..today at work I was sitting at my desk with my shoes off. Since the bosses are away my huge pleasure is walking around with no shoes on and not having to worry about it. So anyway I'm sitting there and one of the Hens comes up behind me and asked me to look something up. Ok fine I was flipping around trying to find what she wanted and she blurted out OH MY GOD YOUR FEET STINK. I wanted to crawl under the desk. Yes, my feet stink but can you not scream it out? Would it be to much to ask to just let it go and pretend that I smell like flowers and candy? Oh no, she went on and on about how my feet stink and the whole time I was trying to convince her that it wasn’t me. Didn’t work. I was caught, feet down so to speak, in stank. I really did just want to curl up in a little ball.

So with that I'm off to soak my stinky feet. Now I'm on a quest to have the bestest smelling feet in the world. As God as my witness my feet will never be stinky again!!!

Ok that was more than likely a lie but nothing like a bit of Scarlet for dramatics!

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