Saturday, January 26, 2008

10 Things

You ever have one of those days where you just wish you could run away from home. I think this all stems from being overly jealous of a co-worker who is moving and pretty much starting over. I want to start over. I want a nice house with pretty paint on the walls. I want a $40 power bill. I mulled this over and over in my head until it pretty much made me sick to my stomach. I want, I want, I want.

Time for the Big Girl Panties Ang. If you want then why don't you get? Buck up self. This is your life and instead of whining and crying over what you can't have lets try working on what you can have. I think this might be where I slap myself in the head

Goals, I need goals. I need realistic goals and a cut off date. So here we go. I'm going to start with 10 things. 10 things that I want to have or do by my birthday. That gives me 6 months to work on them. With these things I also have to work on paying my bills and getting my finances under control, that is part of he deal.

1) Paint my bedroom

2) Get Ipod docking stations for the house

3) Plant a tree

4) Buy a lawn mower

5) Get a pedicure

6) Lose 20 pounds

7) Go away for a weekend

8) Get a dishwasher

9) Go on, at least 3 job interviews

10) Clean the basement out and start working on the soap lab

So what happens if I don't do this. That's the beauty part. It will be my loss. I here by take responsibility for my unhappiness and here is my chance to take it. With 10 little steps I have the ability to show myself that I can do it. I can achieve what I want and it's all with in my grasp.

So other than being a green person, I'm actually doing OK. I do wish that I would get my W-2's from Borders just so I could get my taxes done. I need money fast to pay my power bill. You see I kind of didn't pay it last month because I didn't have the money and now it is $1026. That made my heart stop when I saw it. It will be fine. I will manage around but things are going to be very very tight until I get it paid off. I just wish C would get a job. It would just help so much if he would.

So on that depressing note I'm going to head to bed. I have to be at work tomorrow at 8:45 and I need my full 7 hours of beauty sleep or I will be a booger all day. Honestly, I do try my best to contain my inner booger.

Night all, sleep well and just keep watching the goals...I have hope.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been bit by a tiny vampire. I was laying in bed, playing on the computer when I looked down and noticed these marks on my arm.
Two tiny red marks that were side by side. On closer investigation I discovered 1) the underside of my arm really needs to see some sun because that color is just unnatural 2) damn, I have some flabby arms and 3) it's really hard to take a clear picture of the underside of your arm 4) I'm a tough old bird because they are not punctures, they look more like blood blisters.

So now does this mean that the wee little vampire tried to bite me and I was so leathery that he could only mash the skin and not break it? Have I deprived a tiny blood sucker from a meal because of this? Is said tiny vampire lurking around waiting for a better angle? Do I just have skin rot and there is no such thing as a tiny vampire other than fleas which I better not have in my bed or there will be a whole herd of cats out in the yard.

Oh the things I ponder on a Wednesday night before bed.

Well Crap

Did you ever have one of those days? Everything is going fine, you have high hopes, you have a project that needs to be done so that you can get it back in the mail and sure as shooting something horrible happens. Yup, welcome to my world.

I volunteered to host a "Flat Amy" for a K-1 project. I was going to brave the cold and take Amy out to the Arch then down by the river to the Louis & Clark statue and take pictures of this adventure. There were going to be pictures of us riding on the metro train, pictures of us at work playing on the phone, pictures of the co-workers doing their thing, when the unthinkable happened.


Ya see that wee tiny little silver blop right in front of the camera? That, my friends, is a screw. That tiny little screw fell out from BEHIND the lens. I kid you not. Now, one would not think that such a tiny little thing could not have such a big impact on the camera, huh? WRONG! That tiny little screw is what holds the lens in. Without this screw my poor camera has a googley eye. The lens just springs out and hangs there dangling in the wind. I was horrified by this. I love my camera. It's old, but still we have had some great times. How dare that little screw mess my day up like this. How dare that screw cause my camera to have the crazy eye.

I ranted, raved and even almost shed a tear over this when I noticed that my e-mail alert popped up. I love e-mails, even the junk ones, so I flipped over to see if I was going to get to make my penis (which I dont have) grow or just make it hard as a rock. Or maybe it would be one of my flower catalogs that I dream from. How about weight loss? I know everyone loves buying weight loss drugs from lord knows who but that promise of a quick fix is always a lure. No, to my astonishment it was an catalog from Tiger Direct. HOT DAMN, it was a sign from heaven. It had to be. One broken camera and an ad for a new camera, oh yes, the gods were working with me and telling me to let my old friend go and to get a new, sleeker, megapixiel friend. I swear this is what they were telling me. Now, you ask me how I know for sure this is what they meant....very easy, right after the Tiger Direct catalog I got an application for Debt Reduction/Personal Loan!

Them Gods...they are always looking out for the little folks!