Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cat Came Back

I thought he was a goner!!

I let the boys out tonight just like I always do. Two of my cats can roam outside but the others have to just dream from the mud room. Well Biggie never travels far. He is a patio kitty....because that is where the nip is....Biggie is my huge lovey boy who will do anything for nip. He also refuses to share, the nip is all his. He will do anything for nip which means I can pick him up and love him as much as I want as long as I have a little stash for him. Ummm....yeah I guess that does make me his dealer.

Now Tank, on the other hand, is a huge pain in my ass. He loves to roam the neighborhood. He thinks he is king of all he sees. He is nosy and bossy but so dang cute that you just want to squish him. I wouldn't suggest squishing him because he has this no touchie thing going and he growls and pitches a fit if he doesn't want love. Lord help you if he wants love and you are not paying attention. Mr. Demanding is all over you.

So I let these two out to enjoy the evening with me and when it was time to go in Tank refused. He would do that run thing from me. He would run 4 feet then stop and wait to see what I would do. Well what I did was go inside and shut the door on him. I am NOT running after a cat. It's bad enough the dog makes me run after her, I just find it a bit much to chase the cat knowing that I will not catch him. So I left him. Well, he showed me. What did he do? He left me. I could not find him anywhere when I would go out and call him. From 8:00 until 10:00 he was MIA. I was near tears. I thought boogers had got my cat. I called and called and called. I even talked baby talk to try and lure him back...10 to 1 the little f'er was in the bushes laughing his kitty ass off at me. I ran the can opener which sent the rest of the tribe into hysterics. Too bad Kitty Tribe we have no wet food right now. I whistled the High Hopes song and still no Tank. I decided to sit outside and update my blog, mainly about how someone had stole my cat and how sad I was when I looked up and that dang cat was sitting on the patio table watching me. I have no idea how long he had been there but there he was.

I do hate that cat some days.

I scooped him and and squeezed him hard and gave him a kiss. He squeezed me back by sinking his claws into me...I'm sure it was a hug and he didn't mean to draw blood..and gave me a kiss on my shoulder...Honestly, it really was just a love bite. I was just so happy to see him I didn't care if he was hissing and growling and in a kicking frenzy when I took him to the house....no no really it was his in arms happy dance. So my boy is all safe and warm inside. All the rest of the tribe has gathered around the King to welcome him home and to give him a bath because....well duh...cause he is the king. Me?? I'm outside trying to get the bleeding to stop before I head in to bed.

Even with his quirks I love my little ratty ole King Kitty.

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