Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peaceful, Easy Feeling....

Can I say again how much I love my patio? Why did it take me 8 years to discover it? It's such a beautiful night here. It's not to windy or to cold. The only light around me is the glow from the laptop and the bug candle but if I look up, in the distance, I can see the church steeple lit up. I wonder if the owls are out there. We have an owl family that has been there for ages and it's just such a hoot ...snort...get it....hoot...*cough*... to catch sight of them. I do really love small town life. Other than the occasional car passing by the night is just quiet. You can hear a dog here or there, the mummer of the neighbors tv but that is about it. I'm really sitting here waiting for the train to pass by. I think the train is my favorite part of living here. I love to hear he rumble and it makes me smile to hear the whistle blow and believe me the engineer is big on the whistle. There are a lot of little side streets that cross the tracks and he hits every one of them. My Granddad was a railroad man and when I hear that whistle I think of him. It's a bit bitter sweet

So now why am I outside at 10:00 pm on a Sunday night? Well, I'm running away from responsibility. The other day at the Bookstore I was asked if I would lead a book discussion group on The Twilight series. Silly me said YES because I love to talk about books and to talk about books with other folks who love to talk about books has to be one of the best things in life. Well what I didn't take into account is the fact that I had not read this book. Not a big deal, I would just snag the book and do some reading and I would be all set. I was not prepared for this book at all. Remember that my vampire reading has been Laurell K. Hamilton and Christopher Moore not to mention Ann Rice. Twilight is a bit bland up against those. For the first 100 pages I was struggling with it. I felt like an adult listening in to a 16 year old life. I was fighting this the whole way. Now I was really stuck because I couldn't back out of the book discussion but then again how can you hold a discussion on a book you find weak and semi kind of hate?

One of my co-workers handed me the answer today at break. We were discussing this and the comment was made on how the book would feel to a 13 year old. That right there was my answer. For just a little bit I have to forget that I'm 43 and that I have already felt all these emotions. I have to go back to when I was 13, before first love, to that time in my life when prince charming was going to appear and love was very innocent. To be honest once I started thinking like that the book became a lot easier to read. When I was 13 I would have loved this book. I would have longed for the romance, the anticipation of that first kiss. I would have dreamed of a boy just like Edward. Someone who would have been there for me and protected me but also was that bad boy dangerous type. Oh yes, I would have been all into this love story. The good thing is that by letting go a bit and just reading I have, in a way, got into the story. At least now I can honestly say I know what all the hype is about. Now the trick is going to be keeping this frame of mind for 2 more books. If all of a sudden I go all boy crazy y'all slap me ok?

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I do really feel like I spend all my time at the bookstore. I think in the next couple of weeks I'm going to start putting in for either Friday or Sunday off just to get some me time. Not to mention I need to work in the yard. The Boy does cut the grass for me but there are things that he doesn't do like trimming. That and he cuts fast so he tends to miss things like all the grass around the strawberry patch. I also have my tomatoes planted so as soon as it warms up and they get big enough they will need to go outside and be tended too. I am so not an outside garden type person but for some reason I just think I have to do this. It's ok I will be back to my right mind come July when it's so damn hot I can't even think.

Wow I'm going to have to wrap things up because right now I'm just to dang relaxed to even write. I think it's time to just shut down and enjoy the night....that and I have to let the dog out before she tears the door down. For some reason the patio is hers too and I can not give up a chance for her to spend quality time with me. Maybe she will like me a little more if I let her share my happy space.

Night all

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