Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Swear

I swear I was going to bed early tonight. Wow, I was totally surprised to look down and see that it is now 12:48 AM. Holy shit, this might explain why my eyes are all itchy scratchy. I'm bright *snort*

How about some random stuff.

Thing 1 started school tonight. He is so happy. His first class was an intro to film class and all they do is watch movies. This is so right up his alley.

I'm on an upswing at work. Every thing is rosy and I don't have the urge to kill anyone.

My mom cracks me up. I called her on the way home and just BS'd with her. It's weird but for some reason I use to only call her once a week, even though we had cell phones. Now, for no reason I will just pick up and talk to her. Amazing how really funny she is. I don't remember her being that way when I lived with her *L*

I am back to reading trashy romance. I have a new book, The Brass Bed, and lord have mercy it is trashy. They even say the F word. Gracious. And this shocks a person that reads about man nipples? (anita blake)

I'm still sad that I'm home from ISOCAN. I really do miss having someone make my bed for me every day. Coco You Bitch needs to learn to do this and earn her keep around here.

I can not wait until Sunday. We, which would be Me, Thing 1 and his girlfriend, are going to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens for the Japanese Festival. SUMO...that's all I have to say for right now.

Thing one is very handy to have around. He was playing with my camera and found a couple neat features that I didn't know about. I need to start with the picture posts. Everyone wants to see a cazillion pictures of cats looking stoned and laying on the bed right??

Ok I need sleep or I'm going to be cranky tomorrow and I'm really trying hard not to be cranky at work. My theory is they wont hit the cheerful girl. My theories have been proven wrong before but it's worth a try.

Night all

Night Stoned Cats

Stoned...they always looked pissed off and stoned

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Back

and what a normal day it was. I think today was the first back to normal day I have had in a month. What with Pissy being in, getting ready for ISOCAN, the raging case of pinkeye, going to ISOCAN and coming back home it has just been hectic to say the least. Don't get me wrong it has been a ton of fun but I'm ready for routine again. Yes, I am very much a creature of habit and I get overwhelmed when I am out of my space.

Today I was so in my space it was not even funny. I got up, went to the bookstore, chatted up and pretty much made a fool of myself around all the customers, went to the store, came home and read until Thing 1 and his girlfriend came over. To me, this was a perfect day. Ok, I do find it odd that I can laugh and joke around with strangers at the bookstore but I had such a hard time at ISOCAN. Don't get me wrong I had a ton of fun and I met a LOT of great people but it was just so hard to be me. I sat back and watched a lot. I have never been shy like I was there. It was still fun and I would go again, that's for sure but I would not be a wallflower.

I think I would go just so I could have someone make my bed every day again. I loved this. What a luxury to have someone come in and straighten up for you. I really need to get my fiances in order and have someone do that for me. Seriously, I think that could be my paper thing....or maybe not but it is my fantasy now....that and s e x but that is for another topic and another day.

I did pick up a couple new books this weekend. I grabbed another Anita Blake novel and the boy was in heaven. I did not even get it all the way out of the bag before he had it out of my hand and was into the first chapter. He is so funny with them. It really does my heart good to sit and watch him read. I love how his emotions play over his face....but don't tell him that. He doesn't know that I watch him like that.

Other big news at the bookstore is that they asked me to host the Eragon party. Eeekkk. I know it's not going to be a Breaking Dawn party but still it makes me nervous. The good news is there are only about 130 people signed up for the book so it will not be as wild at 300 squealing girls....I will miss that *L* I need to start checking around to see what kind of things other stores are doing. NO, I am not stealing I am just getting ideas.

OOHHH and I did get the ok for my last book discussion for the Twilight Series. I saw one of MY girls today and she was really really excited about it too. I can not wait to hear what they have to say about the last book. Yeah, yeah, I'm a goober and it's not so much about the books as about the discussion that goes with it.

Ok tomorrow is going to be a long day and I have to work at both places so I'm off to unmade bed, with the unfluffed pillows and the ratty cat who loves me even if I do kiss her too much and scratch her when she is trying to sleep. *chuckling* she has no idea how well loved she is....lucky ole cat. Off to bed now...night all...sleep well!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Really Terrible Very Bad Day

Yesterday I kept telling everyone at work that something bad was going to happen. I just had that feeling of doom. I drove careful to work, I watched what I was doing, I put it out there to the universe to please let me be wrong but the feeling would not go away. Last night when I got home the feeling was even worse, there was just something not right. All was fine at the house. All the cats were roaming around, Coco You Bitch was running wild and acting the fool but something was wrong. When I walked into the bedroom I could smell my grandmother. Something bad happens every time Grandma shows up. Have I mentioned that my grandmother died 18 years ago?

Well something bad did happen. Sometime during the night my baby kitty died. He was fine last night but this morning he was gone. I found him all curled up like he was still asleep. I lost it. It just tears me up that he died. So I'm sitting here at work, squalling like a big ole baby, and just wanting to go home.

Sleep well Little Jack Jack...I will miss you tons.