Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bitch, Gripe For The Day

Holy f'ing french fries, is it too much to ask for half way decent customer service? I am borderline pissed off right now. I have a HUGE swap that I'm in. I am so excited about this swap that I can not even begin to tell you. I have planed and thought out and re-planed what I am doing and I finally decided on bathbombs and a salt bar. Of course I wanted an out of this world scent for these and I remembered back that I had some luscious smelling hair conditioner that just made me swoon when I opened it so that was the scent I wanted. I contacted the lady who made the conditioner and she steered me in the right direction to order.

On May 9th I ordered $68 worth of FO's from this lady. It was 3 separate scents. I paid by PayPal so I knew it would have to make it's way through my bank before it was shipped. I eagerly watched my account so I would know when it would go through. I just knew that I would have my scents for the Memorial Day Weekend so that I could start putting together my bathbombs...oh I only have around 300 of them to make for the swap and a few other things that I have going on.

I waited, I waited, I tapped my foot. Finally on the 14th paypal sent me a notice saying my payment had gone through. I was SO Excited. I just knew by the 15th or 16th my stuff would be shipped. I kept checking the back porch for my wonderful little fedex box that I knew would be showing up. Ya know what? It's the 28th and Im still damn well waiting. Yes, I emailed her and was told, "oh sorry I never received that order." YOU NEVER RECEIVED IT? Now where in the hell did you think a $68 came from? Did you just think I liked you a lot and was sending you money for the hell of it? Then she didn't have my mailing address. Ok fine, I sent that and got an e-mail on friday that said my FO's would be shipped out the next day.

Still no tracking number. Honestly I'm just fed up with it so last night I wrote an e-mail asking if it had been shipped, if there was a tracking number if it was ever going to be shipped. I even put in there if it had not been shipped to just refund my money and we would call it even...meaning I would not air my dirty laundry out in public. Low and behold I got a refund announcement in my email this morning. Imagine my shock when I looked at it and it was for $8.99 and a nice...yes Im being sarcastic because she could have damn well at lest e-mailed me... note on Paypal saying that she only had 8 oz of the sweet pea.

Guess what....the sweat pea was the one that I really wanted for my huge swap. Now what pissed me off is she didn't e-mail me and ask me if I wanted the 8 oz or not she just assumed that it would be ok. It's not. I do not want my sweet pea from two separate vendors....because now Im going to have order more from someone else. I don't care what you say the scents never smell the same coming from two different people. I want my sweet pea in one bottle dammit. Yes, Im sure that 8 oz will more than likely be enough but what if my soap screws up, What if I spill. I ordered 16 oz dammit and I want it all from one place. Am I asking too much???

Why, oh why did I just not order from Kangaroo Blue? I love KB. They process my order in a day. They ship FAST. They are wonderful about answering questions. They do not send me snarky comments back. In fact, when I go to Chicago, I might just walk around and spontaneously hug the KB people because I love them so much....ok I have lost it and I'm really off the whole bitch moan point.

AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM ANYONE BUT KB AGAIN....yeah yeah yeah leave me alone I'm having a huge Scarlett O'Hara moment.

Back to my point....if you screw up at least send me a nice e-mail explaining your poor customer service. I am not an unfeeling bitch...most of the time....and if you have good reason for ignoring my $68 order then I will take that into consideration before I air OUR dirty laundry.

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