Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hellooo Canada

And have a nice holiday up there!!

HOLY CRAP, can you believe that it's July 1st already? Can you believe that I have been such a slack ass and have not updated in so long. Honestly, I do have a good excuse. Her name is Jen Lancaster and she wrote this book called Such a Pretty Fat. Oh my good lord, this is the funniest book EVER!! I read it and then had to re-read it just to make sure that I was really reading what I was reading. Yup, it was that good. I suggest everyone run out right now to BORDERS ~please, oh please, so I can hang on to my part-time job!~ and get this book!

Now the real reason for the distraction is that I'm, under water ~ HA! StL joke ~ busy at work so I don't have time to update just yet. The way I see it is that everyone ~ the whole 2 people that read this blog...hey Cuz give Abbers a kiss when you see her ~ will be laughing so hard that you/they will not even notice that I have not updated in FOREVER.

Back to work before I get fired....SOMEONE FIND ME A GOOD JOB THAT LET'S ME BLOG ALL DAY!!


PS. Ms. Lancaster has two other books out too and I suggest that you follow my suit and run out and get those too! My next purchase is going to be Bitter is the New Black! Funny stuff!!! I can't wait!!

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