Friday, July 4, 2008

Once upon a time...

...there was a boy that had to have a Cardinals/Cubs bedroom. Nothing would do but the walls had to be blue and the room accented in red. Shelves went up that held bobble heads, nails were put in to the wall to hold starting line up action figures of Sosa and McGwire. Posters of home run kings were pinned to the wall as well as pennants, hats and anything else baseballie that the child could find. The boy was happy. Then the unthinkable happened. Father time waved his hand over the boy and before you could blink the boy became a man ~but not in his mama's eyes cause he will always be her boo boo bunny ~ and the man, even though he loved his room, chose to leave it for another room ~which was all girly and had flowers and pretty colors in it!

The room stood empty for over a year just in case the boy/man chose to move back into it. Time raced forward and even though the boy/man moved out of the flowered bedroom he chose not to move back into the room but to rent a new room of his very own in his very own apartment ~which kind of makes his mama get all misty eyed when she thinks of it. The room was very sad for all of about 10 minutes because it was time now for a make-over. With every great make-over there are always before pictures.

Here we have view one which is really more to show the color that I'm dealing with here.

The carpet will be coming out as soon as the paint dries!

View two and a picture of the sad guest bed that people actually have to sleep on when they visit my house.

So now, how about a room with a view and a cat or two. Oh yes, here at Casa de Flynn have plenty of help.

First we have the BOSS who has his nose into everything and rules with an iron paw and is so damn cute that I just want to smush his face and kiss him a lot. Boss Tankers makes sure that I keep to task and keeps a keen eye on everything. My second helper is Boss Pepito. He is more laid back but does get kind of pissed off when I have to move him to try and get to the spot above him.

And then there is always one in the crowd, I give you the slacker. Coco is the evil enabler who thinks that it would just be a hell of a lot more fun to go out and play ball then to deal with all this paint mess

How sad is that? Every time I would move she would re-position herself so that this is what I would see. Does this not just scream, "Play Ball With Me Or I Will Die"? So I did, and the walls are still blue.

More to come I put the ball down and get back to the back bedroom.

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