Wednesday, July 16, 2008

364 More Days

until Paris.

I WILL be in Paris for my 45th Birthday. I know I'm really sucky with goals but this one I have to keep. I deserve it!! I love Paris better than anything. Just walking around the city makes me smile. I don't have to be going anywhere as long as I'm there it's all ok. I think it's a fine goal to make for a birthday.

Yes, I'm in the birthday mode because mine just passed. Mama always said I had to arrive on a payday because that was the only way they could afford me. July 15, 1964, 44 years ago yesterday. Wow that is a life time. As far as birthdays go yesterday was the pits. It's not the worst I have had but it comes close. I did get well wishes from the co-workers, an ice cream cake, my mom, the boys and the ex called, the cousin ~waves at Mitchie just in case she decides to read this~ and a couple of friends emailed or im'd. That's a lot right? The Phantom didn't remember. Why should he right? Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself and I need to stop it right now. I guess it just showed me how unimportant I am to him. For 7 years I have remembered his birthday. Through bad times and suck times I always remember and if I didn't send him anything I sure as hell told him Happy Birthday Baby. Did I get that? No. Did I get upset? Yes. Has he called back? NO. Will I answer the phone if he does? Well actually No I guess I wont. Not because I don't want to but because my cell phone broke.

Like how I did that one? Last night my cell phone bit the big one. I'm just happy death came to visit it and not me. I had the odd feeling that death might have slipped or missed and accidentaly touched the cell phone. Eeek! So anyway, the cell died. It will light up on the bottom but the screen doesn't work. After much punching of the buttons and cussing sometimes I can get it to come on but only for about 20 minutes then it powers down. It makes me cuss greatly. It makes me cuss so much that on my way home I stopped at the sprint store and had them order me a new phone. I cried and whined a bit and tried to talk them into upgrading but had no luck with that but I did get rid of the icky red phone and I now have a silver one coming. I know lack of color is boring but I hated the red thing for some reason. It just The bad news is my phone will not be here until Tuesday so I'm phoneless for the weekend.

HEY I just realized that with the cell gone now I cant even take pictures even shitty cell phone pictures. This makes me sad because I'm having a small house party and Saturday and would like to get a few shots. Also the room is almost done and I would like to show that off. I have all the walls painted now and it does look pretty. It's a bit more blue than I would like but it's still cute. It does make the room look so much bigger now. I can not wait to get the bed up and get it all put together. I want to go in tomorrow and touch up and I need to do around the ceiling also then that will be done. This weekend I plan on getting that bed done and painted and up while I have help in town. Pissy is coming to town to see the boys and he said he would help me get the furniture up from the basement and get the chest painted for the room. He is also going to bring my grandmothers table up from the basement and take the tile table downstairs for me. It is going to look so good once I get it all together.

Ok, it's late and I'm tired and I really was pushing it saying as much as I did. Actually I just wanted to whine and it did make me feel better so all it ok again. Night all, sweet dreams and send good vibes my way that I don't kill my ex while he is in town.

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