Saturday, July 5, 2008

Painting: Day 2

Or "I love this shade of blue, why would I ever cover it"

So this painting thing is not going as well as I expected. Let's just say that like the sky, this blue is deep and forever fucking here. *cough* So far I have one wall halfway painted. Ok to be honest I will say I have not been very diligent over it and I was trying a texture thing so I was playing with it for awhile but still what I have painted looks AWFUL.

No, I am not exaggerating. I'm guessing painting is not one of those things I do well. Need proof? Don't laugh...or tell my mama ok?

Yes, there it is, the mess at Casa de Flynn. Oh lordy, what have I got myself into? I know, I know just calm down and paint over it but HELL, just look at it. I alternate between laughing and sobbing my tiny little heart out over this. Ya see that splotch on the right...that's where I wrote FUCK in a tiny baby fit type moment. When I grew up, about 10 minutes ~ok 6 hours later~ I did cover it up just in case someone saw it.

So in an attempt to make it look better I tried this

You have to admit the strategically place Pepito does make it look better. Focus on the cat people, not the walls. *Sigh* it's bad when even a kitty can not make the mess look better. So I guess my plan of action is to get serious on this, get up off my ass and blogger and get to work. I have a long time to go but the good news is I have a huge ass bucket of paint and can put many MANY coats on until I get it like I want.

Umm has anyone ever heard of a wall collapsing because of too much paint? Maybe I will just go take a bath and ponder this a bit longer.

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