Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Really Terrible Very Bad Day

Yesterday I kept telling everyone at work that something bad was going to happen. I just had that feeling of doom. I drove careful to work, I watched what I was doing, I put it out there to the universe to please let me be wrong but the feeling would not go away. Last night when I got home the feeling was even worse, there was just something not right. All was fine at the house. All the cats were roaming around, Coco You Bitch was running wild and acting the fool but something was wrong. When I walked into the bedroom I could smell my grandmother. Something bad happens every time Grandma shows up. Have I mentioned that my grandmother died 18 years ago?

Well something bad did happen. Sometime during the night my baby kitty died. He was fine last night but this morning he was gone. I found him all curled up like he was still asleep. I lost it. It just tears me up that he died. So I'm sitting here at work, squalling like a big ole baby, and just wanting to go home.

Sleep well Little Jack Jack...I will miss you tons.

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