Friday, March 28, 2008

Coco Flynn

Two weeks ago I was roaming around on CraigsList and just happened to see an ad for a dog in my area. It must have been fate because there are NEVER ads in my area. No ads for furniture, no ads for cars, no ads for lawnmowers, no ads for men (snork) and never ever ads for pets. I was so excited. I emailed the lady and explained that I had lost my sweet Tippy girl to cancer and that I was not really looking for a dog but I had really just been taken with Coco’s picture. I got an email back saying how that was great and that if I wanted to come meet Coco that would be fine.

I was beside myself. I could not wait. Yup, I already owned that dog. It wouldn’t matter if the dog acted the fool and peed on my shoe, that dog was mine. I went out to meet Ms. Coco and I really did fall in love. She was such a sweetie. She loved me and was all over me. We played ball, I fed her treats, she showed me all her tricks and she has a bunch of them. Coco sit, yup yup she did that. Coco roll over, Coco shake, high five, give me kisses, stay, go get your ball and the best one, if you pointed your finger at her and said bang she would fall over and play dead. She was so mine. I could have just squealed I was so excited over all this.

I looked at Coco and she looked back at me (adoringly I might add) and I asked if she wanted to go home with me. She ran to the door and sat down. I opened the door and said Coco go get in the car and she was off like a flash and stood by the car while I got my keys out. She hopped right on in like a trooper and sat in the front seat. I was so excited. Not only did I get a dog but I got a good dog and a fun dog and most importantly a dog that was MY DOG. The whole ride home she just sat there sniffing out the window. It was a bit like out of a movie I swear. Ok ok there was this one point in the ride where I got cold and rolled the window up to fast and it pinched her nose but other than that it was a movie moment.

We get home and out of the car she goes, she had her ball in her mouth and a prance in her step as she made her way into the house. The cats went crazy berserk, but hell, they are cats and what do you expect? Too bad cats, I had a dog and they would have to deal. We played ball for a bit, I set up her food bowl and got her water. I made sure that she was all settled in. She loved me. That night she jumped up on the bed with me and snuggled in close. It was so nice to have a warm doggie body back against me. I was in doggie heaven.

The next morning I got up and got ready for work. Coco was right there with me. She cried when I had to leave her. This gave me even more pleasure because it’s nice to be missed.

Then it happened.

The boy woke up. The boy played with my dog all day. The boy gave her treats and scratched her head. The boy loved her up and talked sweet to her. The boy STOLE MY DAMN DOG. I swear to god the fickle bitch was swayed by all this. She doesn’t just love the boy she adores him. She looks at him with mad, wicked, love in her eyes. She follows him around from room to room. She sits at his feet while he is watching tv. Do you know what she does when I come in? She rolls her eyes at me and doesn’t move from his side. The only way I can get her to even acknowledge me is if I steal her toy and even then she looks at HIM as if to say, “please, my love, please make her give it back.”

I am hurt, I am pissed, and I am sneaky. I am now in a war to win MY DOG back. Oh yes, the boy has not a clue who he is dealing with. I have money!! I can buy doggie toys. I have The Dish. I can make doggie treats. I am smarter than both of them. Before long the dog will be mine!!! (I hope) I cannot wait for the day when she will actually come to me or when she will stop watching the door and crying because he went out with his friends. So cross your fingers and toes that she will be swayed soon because honestly the chicken liver smell of dog cookies is grossing me out!

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