Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am so mad. No, I think I am past mad I am more in that angry range.

I am this angry

Which should not be confused with just being mad

Now, you ask, what in the world could be so bad that I would risk huge, mad, wrinkles in between my eyes?

After a pleasant evening of dinner with friends I came home to find a letter from my bank. This is never a good sign. As I slowly handled the letter, trying to decided to tear it open or just let it wait until tomorrow, my eyebrows went from

to something along the lines of

Which is supposed to be my confused, eyebrow up like the Rock, look but I am a bit lacking

Curiosity got the better of me so I tore the letter open to find a very nice bounced check notice. Even better it was not for a little bit, it was for $121. This is where the pissed off eyebrows come into play. You see, I have this loan. It's not a good loan and I don't really want to talk about it but lets just say it pulled me out of a bind and now I'm paying out the ass for it. I talked to the lady where I got the loan and explained that I was only paid on the 1st and the 15th. We came to an agrement that she would hold my checks until those dates. She assured me that this would not be a problem. Well I'm guessing it was a problem. Now I'm out another $35 on top of the fact that I BOUNCED.

This is another area of my life that I need to get under control. My financial situation is horrible. My credit is awful and to put it kindly I'm broke most of the time. I'm tired of it. It's time, way past time, to get a handle on it. I know how to do it I just have to stand firm and take control...if not for me then at least for those god awful wrinkles in between my eyes!

careful kid or your face will freeze like that

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