Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Snap Go The Teeth

The dog has a problem. She has a HUGE problem. It seems that Ms. Coco does not like balls. Either that or she likes them too much. So far we have had 2 soccer balls, 8 tennis balls, 3 softballs, 2 baseballs and about 25 rubber bouncy balls meet their death at the snap of her teeth. This dog is ball crazy. Not only did she kill them but she pretty much shredded them too. I came home the other night to find Peppito, the cat, sitting in the living room with all the rubber ball carnage scattered around him as if to say, “Look Mother, look what she did to my lovely toys.” He is royally pissed over this and has been reduced to playing with rubber bands since those do not seem to be a threat to her.

I decided that I really needed to get Coco a good ball to play with. She loves to go outside and chase so I was on a mission. I went to Petsmart and started my search. I found the perfect one. It was just the right size. It wasn’t too heavy so I wouldn’t brain her if I threw it and she missed – she does this a lot – and the best thing was it was glow in the dark so that when we lost it at 11:30 at night I could easily find it instead of having to go get a flashlight and amuse the neighbors. I barely got in the door when she spotted the ball in my hand. She was all over me crying and pitching a fit for it. She was even more in heaven when I actually managed to get away from her and throw it. She was in love. We played ball for a few minutes then I let her out to potty. She loved the ball so much she took it with her and would not even drop it to pee. She romped and played with the thing until I forced her into the house. After all that excitement I had to pee too so I left her and the ball in the living room. I went to the bathroom and then changed clothes. The boy came in and yelled back at me asking if I had got Coco a new ball. Oh how happy I was, I chirped out that yes I did and she loved it. He started laughing and said, “Oh she loves it all right.” I walked in the living room and there was glow in the dark ball all over the floor. Yup, you guessed it, the shark had chewed the thing up. All that was left was a little end. She cried and cried when I took that away from here.

The next night I went back to Petsmart. I had the chewed up ball with me. I showed a very nice sales girl, who wanted to laugh but didn’t since Im pretty sure she could sense I was not happy by the destruction of an $8 ball...Oh yeah, did I mention I paid $8 for a ball that lasted 15 minutes at the most??...what I was dealing with. The girl suggested that I get a Kong. She even said that she would give me store credit for the ball I had already got. SWEET. I decided that I would get the Kong Extreme. This thing was solid rubber and, I am not making this up, looked like a large black butt plug. I didn’t care at this point I needed a dog toy and one that the dog could not tear up. Off I went to the house with my big ole butt plug toy and happy thoughts in my head. Again I hardly made in the house and she was all over me. Again she had the thing in her mouth when she went pee. Again, again, again I left her alone with it. One would think I would learn. Did I mention that I paid $13 for the butt plug? (Hush up, I felt guilty for taking back a chewed up ball so I upped my spending) Again, I walked into the living room just in time to see the death of the Kong Extreme. The damn dog had bit the top off it. Snapped the thing off. It was a pretty impressive kill I will give her that.

I gathered up all the pieces and back to Petsmart I went. By this time they were laughing out loud over this. I was not. One nice boy suggested getting Sharky a bowling ball. I was not amused. I did end up getting her the solid Kong ball. (Yes, again I upped my spending limit and got her some rawhide chew ball things too) This thing is heavy rubber and there is no way she can get her teeth into it. True, if she misses it and it knocks her in the head when I throw it at to her she does kind of looked dazed but that is what she gets for being destructo, the ball killer.

Out of all this the good news is that the dog seem to only tear up balls. Everything else is safe. The other good news is that Coco “The Shark” Flynn seems to be one heck of a dog even if she does have really sharp, ball killin’ teeth and only loves me when I bring her toys. I think we just might keep her for a long time!

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