Friday, March 14, 2008

Is It August Yet?

I am so excited. Not a little bit excited but a lot, pee in my pants, excited. Why, you may ask??

C H I C A G O!

That's right, the hermit crab is actually leaving her shell. I am out of the house, going on a road trip, meeting people and looking forward to having a wonderful time. On August 14 I will officially on vacation. This will be the first real vacation I have had in over 8 years. I have put in for time off from work(s), I have booked my room, I have paid the convention registration fee, now all I have to do is make it 151 days with out popping. I am way to excited over this.

Some people might think it's a bit strange to be this over the top over this trip but they just don't understand. You see, I love to talk about soap and how to make soap and what's good in soap and what color is a good color for soap or maybe how the hell do you make a swirl in soap because my soap doesn't let me do that to it. Yes, soap is my passion but very few people in my world understand my need to talk about soap. They actually, if you can believe this, find talking about soap boring. I know they do because they get this glassy look in their eyes when I start in about the great oil combo that I tried. Now in August I am going to a place where there will be a lot of people that share my same passion. Oh man, I just squealed a little bit just typing that. For a solid day I will be able to hear all about soap and even about candles, but mostly soap cause I will just get that glassy look in my eye and say UmmHmmm when the candle stuff is talked about.

Now here is the real kicker. I am going to Chicago with a bunch of strangers. Swear to god. Now they are not really strangers they are just kind of strangers. I talk to these people every day. We swap recipes, we act goofy, we bitch and moan, we laugh, we joke, and we talk soap. That's right I'm meeting up with a lot of forum people. Friends that I just have not come face to face with so to speak. Is it odd that none of this matters and I am so looking forward to it? Of course, I have my "I wonder" moments. I wonder if I will be shy? I wonder if I will fit in? I wonder if they will know who I am? I wonder if I will know them? I wonder if any of this matters? I wonder if M will shake her butt? The only thing I don't wonder about is if I will have a good time.

Now, I have a ton of planning to do. What do I make for the swap? Do I do two swaps? What am I going to wear? How am I going to make the time go by faster, you know all the important things to think about! I know I have a 151 days to get it all together but it will be here before I know it....I hope!!


mwolbers said...

I'm out of shape, Ange. My butt shakes, whether I want it to or not

JustAroundTheCorner said...

I am so excited about going. I have been watching the bargain section to see if I can find a good "what to do" book.