Saturday, March 8, 2008

Computer Woes

6 months ago my sweet little Dell computer was murdered. Oh no, this is not an exaggeration this was out and out murder. My boys always had access to my computer and they did not respect her at all. They popped her keys off, they typed heavy on her, they downloaded porn (I kid you not), they downloaded games and stuff that she just could not handle and it finally did her in. I hemmed and I hawed over her death and finally decided that I would get a new computer. Now, my plan was to hold out for a Mac but I just couldn’t wait. One night I got a wild hair and went to Wal Mart and took a look. I found a nice little Acer, fully loaded for a nice price so in the spur of the moment bought IT.

I got IT home and started IT up. I was not pleased. IT seemed kind of sluggish, the antenna range was not as good and basically IT was not my sweet little Dell. IT and I plugged along. I basically used IT for internet. I would have nothing else to do with her. I downloaded a few things but wonky shit happened such as when I downloaded foxfire the screen started jumping and jiggling so much that it made me sick to look at it. Then IT started trying to get my attention. At first it was just little things like shutting down when I didn’t want to shut down. IT’s other favorite trick was to just not connect to the internet. IT was pissing me off.

Tonight IT was just impossible. She started out by shutting down my IE every time I opened it then she ate my bookmarks. I had had enough. IT needed an attitude adjustment so I took her back to factory settings. It took me half the night but I did it and man what a difference it has made. Baby Girl has been purring right along. Everything is nice and clean, she is very happy and not shutting down and so far so good all my bookmarks are still in place. I have even started loading up some of my programs that I swore I would just do without. Time to start making use of a pretty sweet little machine.

I guess I need to embrace change not fight it so much. I know Baby Girl will never be my Dell but that doesn’t mean that I can’t really put her to some good use. It also doesn’t mean that I should only use her to check up on the soapers. So from this moment forth I promise to expand my computer, to broaden my horizons and to break down and learn photoshop. As god is my witness Baby Girl shall never just be an e-machine again!

PS: Just for the record, BG is on lockdown and no male fingers touch her. Never again will keys be popped off!

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