Sunday, March 9, 2008

For tha love of....

Nothing in life gives me greater pleasure than books. Oh yes, I do love words. I love the way words are put together, I love the way words feel rolling through your head, I love the way that words make you feel. I also love the paper that the words go on, the hard covers and the soft covers, the feel of books when you crack them open for the first time and the smell of the ink. There is nothing like it. This has to be my greatest pleasure. This also might be why I work in a bookstore.

Ok, I have a secret that I'm going to let you in on. You know when you go to a store and they ask you if you want to join their rewards program? Well, the cashier is not asking you that just for the hell of it. If the cashier gets so many people to join or to use their cards then they get a prize. Now working in a bookstore, of course, the prize is going to be books. That's right, we get the advanced copies that are sent out. You have no idea how I bust my ass just to get a Promo Slip in my Bookstore mailbox. The Promo Slip is my golden, even if it is pink, ticket to free books. It makes my heart beat fast when I go in and see that little pink slip laying there. It is just way to much fun to go in and rummage through all the Advanced Reader Copies that we get. Every now and again I even manage to get something that makes me do a girly squeal (on the inside of course).

This is one of my scores that I'm really excited about. I have been walking by this book and handling it, I read and reread the back a gazillion times. I admit it, I have had envy towards people who have come in and bought this book.

Now, I have no idea why this book appeals to me so much. It's not the cover picture that is for sure, it's not a huge book so it's not the weight but there is just something about it that catches my eye and makes me want it.

And now it's MINE and it was free so that makes it 100 times better.

So if I'm not around for awhile y'all will know that I have been book distracted and that while the world goes by I will be curled up in bed and visualizing The Senator's Wife.

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