Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Is It....

Why, tell me why is it that when I don't have to be at work at 8:00 AM that I am wide awake, bright eyes and bushy tailed, ready for the new day? Usually at 5 AM I am crying in my pillow because I do not want to roll out of bed. I think a nap is in order later this morning.

Why is it that when the boy comes back to the house he leaves it in a mess? I walked in to the computer being left on, a plate on the couch, the couch cushion pulled off the couch, the remote on the floor, a pot on the stove with chicken water in it, the remains of one of my lunch tv dinners on the counter and a pair of dirty socks by the computer desk. I love him to death but some days I could strangle him. I really need to get his room cleaned out so he wont be tempted to come back to the house. I wonder how his roommates are dealing with his slobbyness.

Why is it that the dog wants to wander? Why can she just not go outside, pee, poop, and come back in? Why does she feel the need to go check on the neighbors? Seriously dog, the neighbors are fine just get your ass back in the house.

Why is it that I have a new bad habit which involves forgetting to put pants on when I go outside? Ok, I am really a nekkid gal. When I get home I strip down to nothing and usually just throw a t-shirt on if I feel the need. Now the t-shirt is long and huge so all the pieces parts are covered so when I do take the trash out nothing is winking in the wind. I have also been known to let the dog out with no pants on as well as walk to the mail box. So far so good I haven't been caught doing this and honestly at my age I just don't give a dame. We are going to chalk it up to being the weird old lady on the corner with all the cats!!

Why is it that the herd has to bully one of it's members? My cats are awful. I have one poor little mama kitty that they are all so mean to. I don't know what their problem is/are but they need to chill or I'm going to start swatting butts over it. It's ok Mama kitty I have enough love for you to cover all the mean that they give you. I sneak her pounce...hmmm maybe this is why they are mean to her.

Why is it that on my day off or when I'm up early and can enjoy a nice, peaceful, relaxing sit outside it rains? I swear every time I look out the window now it's raining. Which does remind me if it ever stops I do need to clean the gutters out. I think I saw a tiny little tree growing in the back one and this is never good.

Why is it that The Phantom continues to piss me off? Yeah, yeah I know the answer to this one...because I allow him to. One would think that after 8 damn years I would learn that this is not going to happen. One would think that I would just walk away. One can assume that I'm not so smart. I'm back to being hard hearted and mean because if I don't he is going to destroy me.

Why is it that I can never come up with a good ending for my posts? I really do struggle with this one. I want a clever ending, one that ties it all together and even leaves a whimsical chuckle at the very end. I'm all about the chuckles. This never happens. I feel that with most of my post I just leave it there dangling or that I overkill it and it comes out bland. What to do what to do?

So with that question I think I will end it here. Sure there are more Why Is It questions but a girl can only do so much without getting finger cramps. ~dangle~'s just laying there waiting to end eloquently. Since it's not going to happen I'm leaving y'all with...Goood Morning World!! I hope it's a beautiful day!

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Drama Diva said...

8 would have only taken me 8 minutes I'm sorry that's my ex...I give at least 8 days..oh thats my stalker crush. Damn Angie 8 years girl - I want to know what he says to keep you lingering on.