Saturday, June 7, 2008

A New Form of Exercise

Old age has hit and I am losing my mind. Today I got up and dressed and was at work at the Bookstore at 2 PM. The bad thing with this is that I was FOUR hours early. I could have sworn I was supposed to be in at 2. I was wrong. Well I headed back to the house thinking that I could have a nice relaxing afternoon before I had to go back in. I was on the phone with my mother trying to explain that I never ever laughed at her offer for me to come live with her...another story for another time...when there was a persistent knock at my door. I thought it was the boy coming over to say hi to his mother. I was wrong. It was the NB Police at my door.

This scared the living bageebies out of me. I just knew the boy had been hurt. The not so nice officer...nope it wasn't my knight with the riding lawn mower....asked if I owned a blue Honda. Well I don't but my son who no longer lives with me does. He said well it is registered to this house and it is broken down up on cedar street and you have until 6 to move it or I will have it towed. Welll thank you very much Mr. Policeman. Thanks for giving me 2 hours to drag the beast home. I called the boy. No answer. Do you know how pissed off a person can get when they are frantic trying to find someone and that someone will not answer the phone. Let me tell you, pretty miffed off. I called, I called, I called and still no answer. I sent a text. No answer.

So this is where I am a bad mother. I don't know where my kid lives. I know the apartments but I'm not sure which one is his. I just knew the boy was asleep and ignoring me so I went on a hunt to find him. Thank god the apartment complex is not huge. I knew that he took one of my window fans so all I had to do was find that fan and I had him. I walked all around the apartments. I must have looked like some crazy stalker loon but I didn't care they were going to tow the kids car. Did I mention that the kid has no job and if they tow the car there is a good chance he wouldn't get it back? Did I mention that he just put $500 into the car? Did I mention that the car used to be my car and I'm still rather fond of it? So call me crazy for trying to get this taken care of.

Finally I found a the dang window fan and one of the neighbors was nice enough to tell me which door went to the top apartment. I beat on the door and no one answer. I beat some more and no none answer. Finally a construction worker that was over at complex came by to see what the noise was. I told him the whole story and he even beat on the door for me. Then he took it a step further, he jiggled the door handle and said, "Did you know the door was open?" I told him to stand right there that he was my witness that I was not stealing anything and in I went. The boy was not there.

Can I just say how mad I was right at that moment. So I started around town to all his friends. No Boy. I went home and looked at his MySpace to see if I could track him that way. NO BOY. I called a gazillion more times and no answer. I went through his room looking for the spare key and had no luck so I did the only thing I could think to do. I went back over to the apartment, opened the door, marched in, when to his room and took his keys off the floor of his bedroom. Oh yes, lets add breaking and entering to my list of crimes.

I head back to the car feeling a bit proud that I managed to solve this problem. I get in his car and try and turn it on only to discover it will not start. The dumbass had left the lights on and the battery was dead. Now about this time the boy finally called me. I was frantic trying to get his car in neutral. Did you know that if you cant start the car then you cant put it in neutral? It's true. The boy did not know why the battery was dead and said that he had left the car on the side of the road...he was about 5 blocks from home...because he had run out of gas.

I cussed him. I cusses my child right there on the side of the road in 90 degree weather. I then asked him where he was. Oh he was at the lake. I cussed him again. I said words that I made up and cussed him some more. I really flipped my lid when he asked, "So what do you want me to do?" Boy, I want you to have a wonderful time and mommy will take care of this just to prove a point. And prove a point I did. I managed to push the damn car 4 blocks before I almost passed out. I would have made it home but I was pushing it up a f'in hill, in 90 degree weather. I honestly thought I was going to meet Jesus. I was so mad that Jesus would have sent me on down to hell just so he didn't have to listen to me anymore.

I did have a couple people stop and help me for a block or so. Thank you nice people. Sorry that I was wheezing so loud that I couldn't thank you proper like. Finally I gave in and called a neighbor to see of she had a truck that we could push the car with. She didn't but she did come to my rescue. She and her husband came out and managed to get the hood up on the car and to get the car jumped. We got gas in it and managed to get the thing home before 6:00. I managed to get my heart rate back down and the red faded from my face and I was only 30 minutes late for work. Another good thing that came out of all this was I got my house keys back from the boys key chain. There will be no more coming to moms when I'm not home.

The one thing that I couldn't stop was my uterus hurting. It hurts because my kid didn't give a flip that his mom was out pushing his car trying to save it from getting towed. It hurt because the baby boy that I raised is long gone and I don't really know the man that took his place. It hurts because what I thought was my family is gone and today I realized just how alone in this world I am....

and I don't like any of it one bit.

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