Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sometimes my thoughts go off in different directions. Sometimes I barely get a thought out and there goes another one. That’s the way I am tonight. I’m so tired but I’m not sleepy so I thought I would just sit and ramble (more than usual) So tonight…this morning if you are a stickler for time….you get the whole ramble of me.

I am a happy girl because I do not have to work tomorrow. I think this is the first Sunday in a million years that I have not had to go in.

The paperclip at the bottom half of my screen is creeping me out. The little ferret (ferret because I really do try not to drop the F Bomb a lot) keeps tapping at me. I don’t want his help. I don’t even want him there but sometimes he is useful.

Really I have only been working at the Bookstore for a year now so a million years is an exaggeration.

The dog has started liking me a bit. I feed her table scraps and boil her liver and Im slowly winning her over. Im not sure if I like this or not because she is a huge bed hog.

Did I mention I don’t have to work tomorrow? Let it be known here that if anyone wakes me up before 12 noon, I will kill them and it shall be a horrible painful death by….plastic spoon!

I have misplaced my debit card. I had it last night when I bought books. Yes, I know I work at a bookstore and that I can borrow the books but it’s not the same. That and either a kid or a cat always does something to my borrowed book and I have to buy it anyway.

I lost my book. Friday I had Guilty Pleasures in my hot little hand as I was leaving work. Well by the time I got home it was gone. I have not a clue what I did with that book. To make matters worse I was only 2 chapters to go before finishing it.

I found a fun place to eat tonight. One of the ladies at the Bookstore took me out to dinner at Burt’s Chuck Wagon. (I kid you not) I had a pork steak sammich that was past yummy. Two thumbs up Burt’s!!

My kitties have colds. They are sad and pitiful and sneeze a lot. I feel for them, really I do.

I am counting down the days until August. I can not WAIT to go to Chicago.

I really need a new camera. I can’t decided which I want more, a new camera or a dishwasher. Hard choice because I force the boy to do dishes so no dishwasher doesn’t really bother me.

I wish I knew where my debit card was.

I need to go to bed…either that or go watch another episode of Lost.

I have crubby feet and really need to sand them down tomorrow and make them look half way pretty.

Night all….and remember do NOT wake me up tomorrow.

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