Sunday, April 6, 2008

Agenda for Today

1:30 PM - Wake up (I kid you not and MAN do I feel good)

1:35 PM – Go to bathroom, brush teeth, do STUFF, wash face, decided that hair brushing is over rated

1:40 PM – Go back to bed. Turn computer on, watch lost, get bored with that, read a book, play with the cats, mess with the dog, go back to the computer, read some more, wander into the kitchen and get some ice cream, wander back to the bedroom and watch more lost then stretch and think to myself “today is the best day in the world”

4:30 PM – Get tired of doing all of the above and take nap. It has been a rough day you know.

6:30 PM – Wake up again, bathroom thingy, wander into the kitchen and make a fast dinner then right back to bed doing all the stuff that I did around 1:40 PM. Hey it worked then so why shake things up?

8:30 PM – have a huge craving for onion straws so go cut some up to soak

8:45 PM – wash hand really really good then back on the computer to watch more Lost.

9:30 PM – Fry up onion straws and cook a small steak. Eat up the yummy goodness and smile because Im still in my jammies and my hair is going in about 100 different directions.

9:55 PM – Put my plate in the sink and walk away. I will not be washing it tonight for today is my do nothing day. Wander back to the bedroom and watch some more Lost.

Ok so it’s 10:30 now and I am a bit Lost out. I’m not sleep but I know if I don’t get to bed soon I will be cranky tomorrow. It’s ok though because being a sloth today is well worth the price I will pay tomorrow. I so needed a day like this. It’s very sad that I look at it as almost a mini vacation. It’s the first Sunday in I couldn’t tell you when that I didn’t have to work. I think I deserve to just lay in the bed and enjoy.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grind but for now I think I will stretch, snuggle with a kitty and watch one more episode of Lost before I turn out the lights.

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