Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Some how I have got myself mixed up with a gang. I kid you not. These folks are crazy and they wear the colors. Some wear red but most wear pink. Oh yes, we are a gang of Red Hatters or Pink Hatters, if you please. We are pretty much harmless and our main goal is to go out to eat some place fabulous and different each time we get together.

Friday night our pick was The Boat House in Forest Park. I can not even begin to say how much fun we had. We started the night out with appetizers and drinks and ended it with a desert that would have made you dance nekkid with happiness. ~umm that could have been the drinks but the desert was pretty damn tasty and NO I didn't get nekkid~ Did I mention the main course? To die for!!! I had the fish and chips and it was perfect. Now not only did we get dinner we also were treated to some live entertainment. There was a band which was pretty good I guess but to be honest I didn't really listen to them and they were more of background music but there were also DUCKS. Yup, ducks just walked on up to the table and begged for food. It was amusing even when they pooped.

So enough talk lets get to the pictures because they are my favorite part.

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