Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Bit About Me

Sometimes I tend to over exaggerate. Sometimes I tend to play the poor me card. Sometimes I'm a bit of a drama hag. Sometimes I tend to really feel sorry for myself.

This is NOT one of those times. I have been telling people, for a week now, that I have hives. I have been telling them that it itches all the way down to the bone and back again and they tend to look at me like I was a titch bit crazy ~which I am, from the F'in ITCHING~

So y'all have forced to do this. As much as I hate to show this, here it goes. These are my hives after 3 days worth of rest and medicine.

You may all start to feel sorry for me and and please send flower and oreo's!!

PS: To the one who laughed...I hope your nipple falls OFF!!

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