Friday, February 22, 2008

Cover That Baby Up

Somewhere in the black hole that I have in my car I have lost my ice scraper. This is a bad thing because we are having some crappy here in St. Louis and that ice scraper would sure come in handy. Now, if nothing, I am very creative so the first day that I had ice I pulled out my old Rhodes credit card and went to town on the windshield. Let me tell you, this is a really long and really cold way to get ice off your windshield. Not to mention that if you are over zealous in your scraping the credit card will snap right in half.

Something had to be done.

So let me present my alternative to scraping.

Yeah, yeah, so my car has a Holly Hobby quilt on it. My car is now sitting in a parking lot, in E. St. Louis wearing a blanket and I think she is adorable and.....CREATIVE!! That's right, all I have to do is pull that blanket up and my windows are ice free. I will be sitting in my car looking out at all the scrapers doing their thing and laughing my big ole warm tushy off. Ms. Holly Hobby blanket will go in the trunk until I get home then I will pull it out and let it dry in the garage until she is next needed.

And do you want to know what the best part of this story is? There is no way in hell I will lose my car in the parking lot today!


mwolbers said...

Clever idea, unless you have freezing rain and the quilt freezes to your windshield. I might have gone with something plastic, myself

JustAroundTheCorner said...

but...but...I don't think plastic would be half as pretty and I didn't have any in the backseat.

Not sure why I had a Holly Hobby quilt back there but, HEY, it worked damn good!!