Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been bit by a tiny vampire. I was laying in bed, playing on the computer when I looked down and noticed these marks on my arm.
Two tiny red marks that were side by side. On closer investigation I discovered 1) the underside of my arm really needs to see some sun because that color is just unnatural 2) damn, I have some flabby arms and 3) it's really hard to take a clear picture of the underside of your arm 4) I'm a tough old bird because they are not punctures, they look more like blood blisters.

So now does this mean that the wee little vampire tried to bite me and I was so leathery that he could only mash the skin and not break it? Have I deprived a tiny blood sucker from a meal because of this? Is said tiny vampire lurking around waiting for a better angle? Do I just have skin rot and there is no such thing as a tiny vampire other than fleas which I better not have in my bed or there will be a whole herd of cats out in the yard.

Oh the things I ponder on a Wednesday night before bed.

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mwolbers said...

I have a bunch of those. I was thinking vampire mosquitoes or very small rattlesnakes
What would happen if a mosquito bit a vampire and then bit you?